ROCK U Foundation, Inc. 

Mission:  "Change the life of a child through music"



In 2011 the Rock U 2 Foundation a 501 (c)(3) public charity was established.  Observing funding for music programs being cut from public schools and recognizing how many families could not afford to have their children involved in music, the foundation was developed to provide scholarships for musical instruments, music lessons, interactive music programs and resources to under-served children in Harrison and Jackson Counties.  The resources provided by the Rock U 2 Foundation have many benefits ranging from learning how to work in teams, improvement in communication, self-esteem, creative thinking, calmer attitudes, imagination, self-discipline and study skills.        

§        Provide tuition/scholarships for children to attend 
                music programs

§        Provide Instruments and resources to enable children to 
                learn to play and perform music

To make a Donation, visit:

or call 228-355-2023

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