Dear Tim:

When my partner Bob Bogle and I bought a Kay guitar and a bass from Sears Roebuck and taught ourselves 3 songs, we could not have known that, from our first recording in a 2 track studio, Walk Don’t Run would go on to become a rock and roll standard and, decades later in 2008, help land us in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Nor could we have known that Billboard Magazine would one day rate us the number one instrumental group in the world. Could that have happened today? Probably not - as a matter of fact when our record was climbing up the musical charts, we got a call to go on tour - we were so ill-prepared at that time that we only knew 3 songs! 

The preparation and opportunity ROCK U 2 The Ocean Springs Academy of Popular Music and Tim Alamsha Productions is offering these young musicians will pay off with great dividends and will turn out artists infinitely more able to handle the success that will surely come from their efforts.


Don Lee Wilson, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee and founder and leader of The Ventures.

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