Music Programs starting at $20 per week!
  • ROCK U 2 Bands
  • Intro to Vocal Performance
  • Guitar JAM
  • Vocal JAM
  • Private Lessons 
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Music Lessons

What will I Learn?
Our teachers understand that every student is an individual with personal musical needs and goals.  We make it a priority to tailor how we teach and what we teach to your individual needs.

If you enroll here for lessons, your teacher will ask you about your favorite type of music, and set goals to help accomplish whatever musical aspirations you have for yourself or your child.  Together, you will develop a plan to achieve your goals!

What Styles of music can I Learn?
We teach many styles from rock, pop, country and R & B.  We combine the important fundamentals with the music YOU want to play.  Our school is equipped to offer music lessons for students of all ages and abilities, from beginners to very advanced students and adults.  

Are Your Instructors Qualified?
Our instructors are highly qualified, with plenty of teaching experience, and most importantly they have a passion for teaching.  We search the Gulf Coast for the top teachers, who embody the high values of ROCK U 2.  Our instructors strive to relate their teaching to each individual student's learning style.  We have over 10 music teachers, all with either University training including Blemont, Berklee College of Music and Millsaps or professional performance experience.  In Addition to their teaching credentials, our teachers have warm personalities, are extremely friendly, and strive to get to know each student and their parent on a personal level.  We search high and low for the BEST teachers, so you don't have to!

Private Lessons (Ages 5 to Adult)
Guitar - Piano - Bass - Drums - Voice Ukulele - Violin - Viola -Saxophone   Flute - Clarinet - Trumpet - French Horn - Trombone and more!

30-minute private lesson                            $25 per lesson
45-minute private lesson                            $35 per lesson 
60-minute private lesson                            $45 per lesson


ROCK U 2 Bands

The ultimate program for your child's musical journey!

ROCK U 2 Band programs include:

  • Weekly 30-minute private lesson
  • Weekly 60-minute Group Rehearsal
  • Quarterly Concerts at some of the Coasts largest venues  

ROCK U 2 Bands also play throughout the year at local venues and special events. The program is designed to build self-confidence and self-esteem for our students, while having the opportunity to work in a team environment. Students learn to play and perform with their peers.

Tuition: $195 per month
Sibling discount: $185 per month

The band "Kedge" performing at the ROCK U 2 quarterly concert at The Hard Rock!

Beatles medley performed at the ROCK U 2 Quarterly Concert!

Vocal Performance
This Vocal Performance Group includes:
  • 30-minute private lesson per week
  • 1-hour group rehearsal per week
  • Quarterly concerts at some of the Coasts largest venues 
Tuition: $185 per month
Sibling discount:  $175 per month

Jam Sessions

Vocal JAM Session   
Learn proper singing technique, how to use a  microphone, harmonize, perform and choreography.  This prepares your child in a group setting to be able to progress into a Vocal Performance Group.  The class is 1-hour per week.

Tuition: $100 per month.
Sibling discount: $90 per month  (5-8 yr olds, 9-12 yr olds & 13+)


Guitar JAM Session  Learn how to tune the guitar, notes and chords on the fret board, tablature and how to play as a group.  The class meets 1-hour per week. The curriculum for the Guitar JAM has been designed to prepare your child for private lessons and to be in one of the ROCK U 2 bands where they will be able to perform live!  

Tuition: $80 per month
Sibling discount: $70  (5-8 yr olds, 9-12 yr olds & 13+)

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ROCK U 2 is closed on most holidays and on our Concert dates.  



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